Rendez-Vous with Delicious

What makes Serendipity Sweets cupcakes so unique? Serendipity Sweets cupcakes are handcrafted from the finest ingredients to produce the moistest cupcakes to ever touch your lips. Each cupcake is designed with the perfect combination of cake and frosting to balance the flavor and design. Try one today, or visit us at the Winter Park Farmers Market. Place your order during the week for delivery or farmers market pick-up.

The gourmet cupcakes of Serendipity Sweets have added a delicious ambiance to weddings, dinner parties, birthday festivities, baby and wedding showers and special events. They bring celebratory settings to upscale department stores, tea rooms and bistros. Our cupcakes are hand-crafted with the finest ingredients available. We use the finest chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, available organic ingredients and last but not least, lots of love. The delicious flavors of our cupcakes are inspired by family recipes and further enhanced by Terry’s creativity.

At Serendipity Sweets, you’ll be amazed by our Classic Cupcake Collection, but we don’t stop there. Our skills flourish with creativity and we are happy to create custom designs for corporate events, sports themed parties, religious gatherings and all forms of special get-togethers large and small. Call us and we’ll be happy to help you, or come see us at the Winter Park Farmers Market where you can rendez-vous with delicious!

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